Friday, August 12, 2011

We are going camping...

Woohoo...This weekend we are going camping. I can't wait, its been a long time. You would think, living in the great state of Maine that we would take each and every opportunity to get outside but really I'm an indoors kinda gal. I can't stand bugs, don't like being cold or wet, and i prefer my food on clean plates and eaten in front of a lovely TV program. So... what about camping appeals to me? All those things I just listed would mean camping wasn't for me you would think. But... camping for me is all about spending time sitting in front of a campfire with s'mores in hand. Getting up early before the birds are awake and breathing in the chilly air and just being thankful for such an opportunity. Whittling away at a stick for no other purpose then to make it smaller... playing cards with friends and family with no object except to talk to them.. who cares who wins or loses as long as we are doing it together.

I have been kind of lonely since we moved a few years ago. Its very different then how life used to be for us. Everyday I would see my neighbors and it wasnt uncommon for the talks in the driveways to lead to talks over coffee or tea in someones house. I couldn't go to the library or the store without bumping into someone i knew. Here though, our nearest neighbor is over a mile away and people seem to keep to themselves a lot... we don't shop in a neighborhood grocery store but in a large store in the state capital( we live way out in the country), and unfortunately most of my college classes this semester are going to be online ones. Now that I have most of my general education classes done for my degree, the rest of them are online. I could swap to a different degree program which would require more on campus classes, and I am actually contemplating that for a few reasons. I really enjoy going to class and having that interaction with the other students and the professor. I am also looking into finding a job which will get me out of the house, bringing in a bit of cash and hopefully some form of health insurance.

Anyway...That's what this camping trip is all about. We are going with Pauls sister and her family. So there will be 4 adults, 2 college students, a 14 year old, a 10 yr old and an 8 year old. We are going to spend the weekend just reconnecting, eating good food, swimming, laughing, and playing silly games. The weather is starting to look like its going to cooperate, we still have all our old gear and only need to replace a few things and I just need to finish getting us packed up.

I will try to take some pictures while we are away... I wont promise to post them though if they turn out horrid. hehe... all that said... I can't wait.


ps... these are not my photos.. I snagged them from google images. hopefully i have will have some to share on Monday.

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