Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Home at last..

Its now Wednesday and I think I am finally recovered from the camping trip. We had a wonderful, splendiforus, awesome time. The weather was beautiful, when the rain hit it was the middle of the night while we were all snug in our sleeping bags... and then it drizzled a teensy bit the day we left but all that did was stop us from dragging our feet and we managed to leave the camp grounds when we planned instead of being lulled into staying just a bit longer.

For food we had the following: Saturday we had grilled hamburgers and chips, cut up veggies followed by smores and margaritas for the adults. Sunday we had pancakes and turkey bacon for breakfast, sandwiches, chips and veggies for lunch, grilled chicken, corn on the cob, rolls and butter for dinner followed by more smores and margaritas. Monday morning we had cold cereal and leftovers for breakfast and then we packed up and left.

We swam, played cards, used a paddle boat, fished, played ladder ball, read books, wrote in journals and reconnected. It was very relaxing.

We did have a few injuries and mishaps... my niece fell on a path and got a scrape.. my nephew burned his hand on a metal fork while trying to roast an apple over the campfire, my brother in law cut himself while setting up the tent and my crew got sunburns on Sunday because we were silly and didn't wear sunscreen when we went to the lake. Sunday night when it rained I found a leak in our tent in the middle of the night. I rolled over and landed in a puddle of water on my air mattress... I was too tired to do anything but move over a bit and fall back to sleep. We will definitely have to either see if we can rain proof the tent more or better yet take the sucker back to Beans because the two times we have used it... it has leaked. But... all in all we survived, and the good times far outweighed the bad.

In regards to the promised photos... I think I took maybe 2 pictures the entire weekend, we were all having too much fun to stop and find the cameras... least that was the case with me. I will have to see if my eldest took any photos I can share.

Anyways... I had a blast and can't wait till we go again. I'm definitely not going to wait another 9-10 years to camp again.


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