Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hello from North Carolina

Guess what?  The Smart family has moved.  We have left the home state of Maine for the Southern part of the United States.  To say it has been an adjustment is to put it mildly.

About two years after we moved to Waterville, Maine the husband went into work one day and was told that the plant was closing down.  There were rumors that some people might have jobs available in other parts of the country or in Mexico or China.... but there were no details.  We just knew the plant was closing at an undetermined time.  So the husband put in a transfer request, basically reapplied to the same company, and we were given the option to move to NC.  It was a very tough decision.  All our family and friends live in Maine.  However, this was the third time the husband had lost a job due directly to the economy in Maine.  He does a specialized kind of job... so we decided the Universe didn't need to hit us upside the head a forth time and we decided to move.  Even if the job in NC didn't work out, there were so many opportunities in the new state for someone with the husbands skill set... it was really a no brainer.  At the same time the eldest and her young man (now fiance) decided to move to Seattle Washington.  The husband, youngest and I moved to NC and a week later the eldest moved to Seattle.

We have settled in quite nicely.  Everyone seems so friendly here, and the weather is so glorious.  Our eldest daughter got engaged, and now they have decided its time to move closer to family which makes me incredibly happy.  Our youngest daughter is finishing up her Senior year in High School and will be starting college in the fall.  I have started up a soap making business again, but i went with a new name this time.  Still in the process of get the soap store up and running but we are getting there.

I am in the process of starting a few new blogs, one on soap making as well as one on my general life including eating gluten free etc, Figured it might be a good idea to get back into the habit of blogging. If there is anyone out there reading this,  leave me a message and say howdy.

Lots of love,