Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jericho is here!

Jericho Michael was born on March 28 at 12:39pm.  He, his momma, daddy and Mimi are doing well. My sister is beside herself in love, and I don't blame her at all, he is totally a sweetheart. I got to hold him yesterday, smell him and just stare into his little face.  Everyone says he looks so much like his daddy but I can definitely see Sarah in him.

This is Jericho and his mommy.  Sarah looked incredibly tired but so happy to have her little man with her finally.

My youngest daughter holding the newest member of the family.  He grabbed right a hold of her finger and with that a piece of her heart.  She told me later she had never seen a baby "so brand new." She seemed to think it was pretty awesome.

Welcome to the world little Jericho... we are all so glad you are with us.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jericho's sweater

The sweater is coming along rather well.  I have the main body done and am now working on the sleeves.  I am still enjoying the process, even if I end up frogging it in the end it was fun.    

And I couldn't help myself... had to throw in a picture of my buddy Jasper.  Isn't he sweet?



Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jericho's sweater... wip.

Jericho's sweater in progress (sorry for the horrid picture!) I have separated the right front and back onto stitch holders and am working on the left front. Its coming together quickly and I am in hopes the rest of it goes as smoothly... *knocks on wood*

Its been a lovely week so far, temps in the 50's and today we are getting a bit of rain to wash away more of that cursed snow. Bring on the spring!!! 

I am off to work... I wish you a wonderful day!!!


Friday, March 9, 2012

In progress...

Started a new project, because you know.... its not like I have don't have enough stuff going on. *grins* I swore after the baby blanket that I knitted for Jericho, that I would never knit another thing. I even warned my girls that knit blankets for their eventual children were out of the question, and yet I find myself casting on stitches to make little Jericho a baby sweater. I found the pattern at the Lion Brand Yarn website and its very sweet. I got the yarn yesterday, its Caron, Simply Soft and the color is Ocean. Its a very pretty dark blue... almost a dark denim color. I think it will be very sweet and manly lol... My only concern is that it calls for two little buttons. Can I secure them on tightly enough that they dont present a choking hazard? Or should i try to find a different way to close the sweater. So far I have about an inch done... the yarn is so soft in my hands and almost silky. I am enjoying the texture of it so far. Here is a picture of what the final project is supposed to look like.


In other fronts, work is going well, we are all adjusting to the husbands coming home on weekends, and staying up in that area during the week.  Maddy is doing well in school, and the eldest has decided to get married in the fall, though she has no details picked out.   The weather was glorious yesterday, in the high 50s with a warm wind, a hint at what is to come and it was so refreshing.  I can not wait for spring even though it brings the mud.  hehe.  

Guess thats all for now... still haven't found the camera or its cord, might splurge with some christmas money and get myself a new one.  


ps... as much as I love this yarn I bought for Jer's little sweater... how I long to use pink.  I definitely need a little girl to knit for.