Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We are going to spend Thanksgiving Day with Eileen and Shaun.  The last time we got to spend any time with them was the beginning of September.  Between my job and Eileen's two jobs and Shaun's job and his classes, our days off never once aligned up.  Woohooo for spending time with them.  Eileen told me last night she thinks she is forgettting something big for dinner... I told her that I didnt care if we were eating tomato soup for Turkey day dinner... it wouldnt matter as long as we could all be together.

Today, I work at Walmart from 12:30 to 8:30pm... then go home and sleep.  We head to Eileen's early tomorrow, then we will come home and I will go to bed so I can be rested for my Midnight to 9 am shift.  It is going to be very interesting. 

We are in the midst of our second snow storm of the winter... sure we have had a few mornings where we woke up to a thin layer of the white stuff on the ground but this is the second storm where snow plows were required.  Its soon to be followed with freezing rain and nasty guck like that.  The poor husband has been drafted into driving me to work lol... ostensibly to purchase the last few items we need for tomorrow so that I can come straight home from work as opposed to shopping after work... but its really so that I dont have to drive in this stuff.  I havent gotten my "winter storm legs" yet.

The baby blanket for Sarah's little boy is coming along.  I work at it here and there.   Took the picture with my cell phone... will try to get a better one once i find my camera.  =)  Its a little misleading in this picture.  The yarn is a variegated yarn with white, pale blue, darker blue, and purple in it.  Its very soft to the touch, Jericho is going to love it (I hope).  I can't wait to get it finished. 

Heh... this has been rather disjointed update, but at least its posted lol...

Hope you have a wonderful Turkey day surrounded by loved ones.  


Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Foggy Morning

Its foggy here this morning, and my mind feels all foggy as well.  I didnt sleep well last night, kept waking up thinking of things that were worrying me or because I thought I heard something, and on top of that my allergies are acting up.  I tried to go back to bed, but laying there, attempting to fall asleep has done nothing but give me a headache lol... and yes i realize i am being rather whiney.

The husband went to visit his family last Saturday and  told me he had a long talk with his younger sister.  They have decided to not exchange gifts with everyone this year but to in fact only buy gifts for the kids.  While this is something I am heartily in favor of (my sister and I have been exchanging Christmas ornaments for many many years now instead of gifts and only buying for the children) it makes me a bit sad.  I don't know why, it just does. Perhaps its more that I feel like i have lost touch with his family with my job.  I work every weekend and that is typically when we would see them.  Haven't talked to any of them in a long time and I miss them. Guess I need to work on fixing that.

This morning Maddy woke us up with the news that the dryer isnt working... so we need to call the landlords (in florida) and get it looked at.  We live out in the middle of no where... I have no clue where the nearest laundromat is.  Sheesh...

I need the sun to come out and burn this fog away...

Monday, November 7, 2011

... And it's November!

Time sure flies when you are having fun!  *grins*

I have been getting between 32 and 34 hours a week at work and I am really getting into the swing of the job.  One of the CSMs told me last night that everyone has nothing but nice things to say about me... so that was good to hear.  I will have my 3 month performance review the first week of December and also my discount card.  That will be nice!!  Things have been getting busier and crazier at work as the holidays approach.  The weekend before Halloween everything was orange and black... costumes and scary themed food and candy.  I worked Halloween night and it was really dead.  I had a day off and when I came in next there were Christmas decorations up, Christmas trees in the entrys and Christmas music playing.  I felt a bit disoriented lol.

My niece, who got married in August, is pregnant.  Well technically, she was pregnant at the wedding, but it was early on yet and very few people knew.  She now has a baby belly... although its a little one and she finds out on Wednesday what the gender of the baby is.  I keep reminding her that not all babies want to share that info right off... but she is confident her child will behave and show the appropriate bits hehe.  Boy does she have a lot to learn about being a parent lmao... i cant wait to see it all unfold.  I hope her child is as much a joy and handful as Miss Sarah was for her parents.  I am trying to figure out what to make for this little one.  My sister is making the traditional (well in our family) cross-stitch blanket.  My eldest has stated she is making a quilt, so either i make some clothes for the child or knit something.  I may just go ahead and make a quilt too... a baby cant have too many quilts, but we will see.  I found a very cute pattern for a knit hat... it resembles a small berry, pattern can be found on Ravelry here.  Also found a pattern for a little knit blanket with a waffle pattern that looks adorable.  I think I will wait till we know on Wednesday (or dont know for that matter) before i finalize my plans. 

Paul and I had a long talk yesterday... he told me he fully intends to take the new job in Jan.  Its going to be very hard for the family to adjust but its going to be a good thing.  The pay is wonderful for this area, we will have medical insurance for the first time in a very long time... 401k, etc... and the town this business is in has a wonderful highschool.  Its actually a private boarding school but families that live in the town get to send their high school kids there.  Maddy will have the opportunity to get a fantastic education which will only benefit her in the future... and its half way between my sisters town and the town my eldest daughter lives in.  I just found out today that the library there is a Carnegie library.  That's exciting!  They also have an Egg festival in July... a week long festival of egg stuff.  >.>  hehe.  It will be nice to be part of a town again.

I guess thats it for now... i will try to post pictures of the projects I am thinking about doing for the baby.