Monday, February 23, 2009

Snowy Monday

Maddy had a snow day today. Just cant imagine why?

We got just a little bit of snow...

I mean... how bad was it really... we could still see out the windows...

So... if they didnt want to run the busses... I can understand. I could have driven her in the car.

If I could find it that is!

We lost power several times last night... the longest we were without was 3-4 hours. We are lucky. The news says there are over 90,000 people without power as we speak... and that number is due to rise. Wet Heavy snow on branches and power lines are coming down. We are very lucky... the house has a gas stove that even if we lose power still heats the kitchen area. The blower doesnt function without the power, but we could pull our mattresses into the kitchen if it ever came down to it and stay nice and toasty.

I love living in Maine... just cant stand the cold and the ice... but for scenes like this... who wouldnt love it!

Mother nature in all her glory!


In my Monday loser update... I lost another pound. I am very happy with that... and boy am i going to get some exercise today... shoveling.

Have a good day!