Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy ...Busy... busy

Its been a bit frentic here in our house... Maddy was on school vacation and while we did lots of fun stuff... boy was I tired at the end of it.

Lets see... we:

had a sleep over with a friend where they stayed up till 3 am giggling.

made lip balm and lotions from a kit she got for Christmas.

made masks with cool feathers and sequins.

went to a bowling ally with her cousin and did DDR... well they did... i watched lol.

worked on a huge huge project for school where maddy had to make a model of a roman house. The place had a vestibule, atrium with a pond and a hole in the roof to let water in, 6 bedrooms, a kitchen, several halls, a garden room, a dining room and something else i am forgetting. Paul helped her and her partner cut out the walls using a special foam board he uses to make model airplanes and then they had to make up a floor plan following the rubric they were given from the teacher. They had to download mosaics from the internet and paste them on the walls... color the rest of the walls like a roman family would have colored them and then name and tag all the rooms with their proper name. And it all had to have a removable roof so you could see the floor plan. Yikes... it was a ton of work but awesome in the end.

Finally on Monday when maddy went back to school I pulled out my trusty old sewing machine and got to work on some of my WIPs. I got some work done on my improv quilt as well as a pretty little potholder that i will take a picture of when i find my camera.

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