Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tired and almost done...

We left the house around 9 am yesterday and arrived back home at 1 am. We picked up the moving van in farmindale... (supposedly there is a quilt shop some place near the rental shop so I will have to see if i can find it today) and then met my sister and her boys in augusta. We traveled down to south portland and then spent an inordinate amount of time winterizing the house... and moving all the stuff going to storage into the van. We then took a quick trip to the storage unit, took everyone out to dinner at IHOP and then back to the house to finish loading up the truck.

We are all tired and sore and yet all thats left to accomplish is to unload most of the stuff into our shed, take a couple of dressers and a dryer to my sisters house in Waterville, and then return the van and we are done. Completely irrevocably done with South Portland forever, house and school wise. We still have beloved neighbors there... and Leen has friends there but we are done.

It may sound silly but I cried when I hugged my tree good bye... I hope the next ppl who live in that house love it as much as I did. This is the only picture I have of it. I took it last spring after I put the pavers in and right before I planted some pretty hostas etc... =( Its not like its going anywhere. I know that my neighbors Linda and Maryanne will take pictures of it for me if i ask =)

treegarden by seeking epiphany
treegarden, a photo by seeking epiphany on Flickr.

This year is almost over... and damn... I cant wait

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