Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Holidays

We had a nice Christmas eve and day... even though it was interrupted a bit by a power outage due to high winds. Instead of having the husband's parents come to our house we ended up going to theirs... heck without power we couldn't cook Christmas lunch, not to mention having water to not only to cook with, but to drink or flush toilets with. *smiles* we do have a reserve for such situations but we knew everyone would be more comfortable at their house then at our powerless one. When we got back around 5:30 or so the power was back which was very nice, as most of the girls presents were dependent on some form of electricity. I think Paul's mom liked the apron and matching potholder I made her... I thought they were pretty!

The holidays are over and I am really looking forward to the future. I am making all kinds of plans for this coming year... and am very excited about the prospect of new beginnings.

What kind of plans do you have for the next year? I want to finally get my weight under control... I am going to do this by eating healthy and adding exercise into my day. I want to get a job to bring in some extra money and hopefully to make more friends. I want to make all our gifts for next year so there will be lots of fun projects going on. I want to get some of my stories written up... and I want to participate and win nano again in November.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday... which ever holiday it is you might celebrate... and I wish you a wonderful new year.

~Wishing you peace and joy

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