Monday, May 10, 2010

WIPs and 1 finish

I completed the mother's day gift for Hubbys mom... good thing as Mother's day was yesterday. *smiles*. I did not however get a picture of it... I kept meaning to and then next thing I knew we were heading out the door. We gave her a lovely potholder and some lavender soap I made, a copy of my favorite picture of the husband and our girls in a nice frame... and a lavender candle from pier 1 imports... all in a nice little basket. We also gave her a funny tshirt that said Help my husband has retired and has no hobbies... she got a big chuckle out of that.

I have also gotten Maddy's quilt top finally sandwiched so although I wont count that as a finish (cause technically its not finished lol) Im excited to have gotten it to that point. Next step is the tying and border quilting. Then the lovely binding.

I have also been working on the Improv squares... Im really not liking them at this point. The eldest does however like them so perhaps they have a home before they are even done.

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