Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Well the world is finally slowing down a bit and this is a lovely thing. The college kid is home... and DANG did that girl have some stuff at school. I am not sure how she and her father got all of that into our little car. Her DF has a jeep full in the driveway... he will be heading home tomorrow or Friday, we arent sure yet. His orders for basic have been changed yet again which is causing untold stress to our daughter. My sister and I are chuckling (Umm not cause she is stressed... but because not everything in life can be arranged and categorized the way the eldest would like... this is a good life lesson for her, something she needed to learn at some point) ... we well remember how things changed so often for our dad when he was in the Navy. The military was all about "hurry up and wait"... Guess that hasnt changed much over the years.

Maddy is driving me insane! Thats all im gonna say. I love the kid but she is seriously pushing all the buttons... and the kid is bright... she knows exactly which buttons to push when. *sigh* You know that old mother's curse? The one where you wish upon the child ... children just like them or worse.... Hah... this kid is going to have a houseful of mouthy, button pushing kids... (course this could backfire... when she was 5 she told her sister and I that she was going to have 6 kids and they were all going to live with mommy and daddy... (us... her father and I...) of course she also had the dream of being a bag lady at the grocery store at that time.) *sigh* Im tired already and its just begun. LOL

I finally have a plan for the quilt I want to make for my nephew... Its going to be very nice I think. He is totally into star wars and a few months back i found a nice piece of fabric at ebay just chock full of star war characters. Im going to fussy cut out all the different little pictures, add colored borders to them in varying widths to make blocks of the same size and then put sashing inbetween the blocks. Hopefully I can get this done before his birthday... otherwise it will be a Christmas gift.

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