Sunday, February 19, 2012

Two Pips down... a million billion to go!

I am happy to report that two of the pips on my list are completed.  The first one was Eileen's fleecy blanket.  We got the fabric and then she said, "Mom, would you mind if I made it myself?"  I hemmed and hawed... looked disappointed.  "Sure Eileen, if thats what you want," I said... "its your present." 

Ok ok... i know thats kinda cheating but a pip is marked off my list  *grins* and hopefully she didnt see me cheering as she drove away with a large stack of fleece. 

The second one is Jericho's blanket.  I am happy to announce that it is complete and in its new home just waiting for Mister Jericho to be born.

I am sure glad to have that little blanket done.  I did a simple pattern.  I knitted 10 rows, then for the body of the blanket I knit completely across on the right side, and on the back side of the piece I knit 7 stitches, purled across and then knit the last 7 stitches.  I did this until the blanket was a comfy size and then knit the last 10 rows.  When adding new yarn in I always did it on the wrong side at the beginning of a row.  I used a pretty variegated yarn and it ended up with 8-9 purple stripes.  Its not the best picture above but I was trying to get everything ready for the shower when i realized i hadn't take a photo yet. 

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