Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Summer's End

Well I am looking forward to the beginning of the new school season. We took a total break from anything school related. Oh we had these awesome plans of working in her Saxon math book over the course of the summer to complete it... did that happen? Nope!

I just completed ordering her school books for the "5th" grade. We chose to use Oak Meadows curricula for 5th graders... with the exception of using Saxon math instead of what OM was offering. She is familiar with Saxon math and frankly I like the way the lessons are set up... and I was learning stuff too *smiles* I didnt order any of the novels that went with the lesson plans... we can borrow those from the library or purchase them second hand if necessary. I did however order the craft box... I want to make sure that she has everything needed for the lessons and I would rather not have to make do or scrounge up stuff at the last minute. This way all the stuff needed is in a handy box and when its time to "quilt" or "embroider" or " use a feather quill and india ink" its all there. This entire year is based on US history so it should be a fun fun time for both of us.

We added a new member to our family since the last time I posted... several in fact. Jasper is a 14 week old Cairn Terrier. He came to live with us on July 1st... and his birthday is April 22, 07. We also have 2 gerbils named Carly and Candy... and a tank full of fish. Ms Bear is not too sure what to think of all of it. The gerbils she is curious about... the fish she ignores but the puppy... ahh there is a different story altogether. She is finally standing up for herself... swatting him on the nose and hissing if he gets too close... I think they will end up if not friends then comfortably ignoring each other. Jasper loves Bear... so we will see.

So anyways... I am looking forward to this year... and am in hopes it goes smoothly for us.

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